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About Alpha Omega Instruments

Alpha Omega Instruments is headquartered in the town of Lincoln, RI, USA.

Over the Company’s 25-year history, the mission of Alpha Omega Instruments has been to manufacture the highest quality products in our industry. With today’s world economy, conducting business on a global scale offers numerous opportunities and challenges. As diversified as the world markets are, there is one constant-the desire of customers to find effective and economical solutions to their measurement and control needs. Alpha Omega Instruments has the product breadth, application experience, and extraordinary customer care to make the right product recommendations.

Alpha Omega Instruments Corp. has two primary business groups. The first, and fastest growing, is its Process Analyzer Division which consists of  trace and percent oxygen analyzers and transmitters, safety monitors (oxygen deficiency and carbon dioxide) carbon dioxide analyzers, and moisture monitors. These products are used in commercial, government, and educational institutions around the world. The second group is its electro-optics division that manufactures a broad product line of thermoelectric cooler controllers used in conjunction with global positioning satellites, high resolution spectrophotometers, laser characterization equipment, inertial guidance systems, medical diagnostic equipment, and OEMs.

Alpha Omega Instruments is a Company with a reputation built on integrity. Product quality is emphasized throughout the manufacturing process from raw material vendor surveys through final system checkout, test, and calibration prior to shipment.  The Company’s products are often considered  “BEST BUYS” based on performance and price.  In addition, the Company has built a reputation of offering exceptional after-market support and service.  Alpha Omega Instruments Corp. is proud of the reputation it has earned over the years and recognizes the importance of a satisfied customer.

Alpha Omega Instruments is part of Process Insights Holdings – a portfolio of global companies focused on process monitoring, analytics, control and safety.


40 Albion Road, Suite 100
Lincoln, RI 02865  USA
Toll-Free 800.262.5977
Local 401.333.8580
Fax 401.333.5550

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