Products Designed for the Most Demanding Applications

There is significant performance and quality differences between manufacturers of automobiles, computers, and yes, gas analyzers and monitors too. Having served the industrial marketplace for 25 years, the products manufactured by Alpha Omega Instruments continue to pass the test of time in terms of performance and reliability.  Sales engineers at Alpha Omega Instruments have decades of product knowledge and application experience that enable them to guide customers quickly and efficiently through the product selection process.

Choose the Application Category that Bests Suits Your Needs

Process Monitoring & Control

Have a critical process that demands accurate measurement of oxygen and/or carbon dioxide? Perhaps the process needs to be accurately controlled based on the measurement of either of these two gases. Alpha Omega Instruments has the solution.

Safety Monitoring

Concerned over the possibility of unsafe levels of oxygen or carbon dioxide in the breathing air? Need a reliable fixed monitor for either of these gases?