CO2 Analyzer

Alpha Omega Instruments’ CO2 Analyzer provides continuous, unattended measurement of either percent or trace (PPM) levels of carbon dioxide in other gases. It is ideally suited for both continuous or spot monitoring requirements.

The unique advantage of our  CO2 analyzer is its  advanced sensor technology featuring a next generation NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) measurement system. This carbon dioxide sensor incorporates closed-loop control for enhanced long-term calibration stability. The control signal is generated by means of an optical referencing element that monitors source intensity. This methodology, coupled with a novel source homogenizing gas sampling chamber, provides a carbon dioxide analyzer with greatly improved tolerance to changes in the infrared source outputs. Use applications for our CO2 analyzer includes incubators, fermenters, bio-reactors, petrochemical processes, human safety, and more.

Why Our Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

For 25 years, our CO2 analyzers and other products have become known for their reliability, precision, and cost-effective pricing. Our next gen sensor technology is manufactured and quality control tested here in the United States. In fact, our product quality is emphasized throughout the manufacturing process starting with raw material vendor surveys through final assembly, testing, and system calibration. We’ve also earned an exceptional reputation for exceptional presale and after-market support. We’re committed to pairing you with the right CO2 analyzer for the right conditions and best possible outcomes.

 Choose from the following CO2 Analyzer Types:

Carbon Dioxide Analyzer – Series 9610

The Series 9610 Carbon Dioxide Analyzer is designed to provide continuous, unattended measurement of carbon dioxide in other gases in either percent or trace (PPM) concentrations.

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer – Series 9600

The Series 9600 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer is designed to provide continuous, unattended monitoring of both oxygen and carbon dioxide. The oxygen sensor features an extended life electrochemical sensor.