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Concerned over the possibility of unsafe levels of oxygen in the breathing air? Need a reliable oxygen deficiency monitor? Alpha Omega Instruments manufacturers a complete line of oxygen deficiency monitors to help preserve the quality of breathing air.

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Series 1300 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

The cornerstone feature of the Series 1300 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor is its extended life electrochemical sensor with optimized Enhanced Electrolyte System (EES). As a result of EES, Alpha Omega Instruments is able to offer an unparalleled three (3) year sensor warranty.

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Oxygen Deficiency Monitor-Series 1000

One of the best Oxygen Monitoring devices on the market is the Series 1000 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor. It is designed to provide continuous protection of personnel from oxygen deficient atmospheres as well as oxygen enriched (>22.0% O2) atmospheres. The Series 1000 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor is noted for its unparalleled proven field performance.