• To ensure your instrument arrives safely, use the packaging guidelines listed below. ✓ Package each instrument separately in its own shipping container. Wrap your instrument with two layers of bubble wrap. ✓ Your instrument should be surrounded by at least three inches of cushioning . The instrument must not be allowed to move within the shipping container during transportation. ✓ Close isolation valves, if applicable, and purge if possible. Open valves can result in a damaged sensor and additional costs for an extended purge. RETURN YOUR INSTRUMENT TO: Alpha Omega Instruments Corp. 40 Albion Road, Suite 100 Lincoln, RI 02865 Phone: 401-333-8580 Toll Free: 1-800-262-597 Fax: 401-333-5550 For technical assistance contact our service department. For questions regarding the return of your instrument, contact our customer service department. NOTE: Please enter the Serial Number of your device in the payment notes area. If this is not completed, we will contact you for the information which may cause a delay in service.
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