Oxygen Deficiency Monitor Series 1300

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor Series 1300

The cornerstone feature of the Oxygen Deficiency Monitor Series 1300 is its extended life electrochemical sensor with optimized Enhanced Electrolyte System (EES). As a result of EES, Alpha Omega Instruments is able to offer an unparalleled three (3) year sensor warranty.  

The standard measuring range of the monitor is 0-30% with a readout resolution to the nearest tenth of a percent. Alpha Omega Instruments’ exclusive Advanced Digital Interface (ADI) offers the capability to expand the Series 1300 with up to three oxygen sensors.  

Adding oxygen sensors and/or optional horn and strobe alarms in the field takes just a few minutes. For multi-point monitoring requirements, equipping the Series 1300 with three oxygen sensors reduces the per-point price to around $1,200.

The Series 1300 also features a powerful built-in data logger so time-stamped oxygen values can be captured and stored for subsequent use with a variety of spreadsheet programs.  

Deploying a permanently mounted oxygen deficiency monitor in areas where inert gases are stored or piped is highly recommended. Like most things in life, not all oxygen deficiency monitors are the same. Alpha Omega Instruments Series 1300 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor has an array of features and safeguards that makes it today’s premier monitor.

The Series 1300 is a digitally-controlled instrument with a measuring range of 0-30%. Oxygen values are displayed to the nearest tenth of a percent on a high contrast front panel liquid crystal display (LCD).   The monitor is housed in a resilient polycarbonate, wall-mountable general purpose enclosure. Standard input power to the Series 1300 is 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz. and 18-36 VDC powered systems are available. The eloquence of the Series 1300 is its simple operation, as well as its ease of expandability. Included are four individually adjustable Form C alarm relays, each rated at 10 amps (250 VAC). The Series 1300  can be programmed to provide a maximum of nine individual alarm events. Two scalable analog outputs (4-20 mADC and 0-20 mADC) are standard, as is RS-232 serial communications. Each Series 1300 includes an internally mounted audible alarm rated at 85 decibels (nominal) as well as visual alarm indicators. The Series 1300 can control up to a maximum of 8 remote optional horn and strobe alarms.


The Series 1300 can be equipped with a local oxygen sensor and/or up-to two remote sensors. The sensors featured in the Series 1300  are extended life electrochemical oxygen sensors designed with a proprietary Enhanced Electrolyte System (EESTM) that extends the life expectancy of the sensor to years instead of approximately 12 months typical of most “fuel cell type” sensors.  The oxygen sensors in the Series 1300 are designed with open diffusers eliminating the need to use sample pumps. 

Alpha Omega Instruments backs each Series 1300 oxygen sensor with a full three-year warranty. Users can expect sensor life well beyond 5 years, helping to ensure reliable and trouble-free performance.

Competitively priced.   

AOI 1300 gas analyzer



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