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TEC Controller – Series P-1

Series 1300 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

The Series P-1 is a high performance, linear analog controller designed for use with a wide variety of thermoelectric coolers. Flexible configuration, mounting, and temperature control options allow for a high degree of customization by the end user.

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  • TEC voltage range: Determined by user.
  • TEC current range: Determined by user.
  • Stability: <0.050 C.
  • DC Power Required: +12 to +15VDC @50ma (standard) or +12 to +15 volts (optional).


  • Dimensions: 3.7 in. (93.98 mm) Width 3.0 in. (76.20 mm) Length 0.75 in. (19.05 mm) Height Note: All dimensions are without optional equipment


  • Thermistor (NTC):
  • Ranges 0-50 Kohms & 0-500 Kohms (standard).


  • Thermistor: 0-5VDC over 0-50 Kohms or 0-500 Kohms depending on the range selected.


  • Thermistor: 0 to 5VDC corresponding to a thermistor resistance of 0 to 50 Kohms or 0 to 500 Kohms.
  • 0 to 5VDC corresponding to a thermistor resistance of 0 to 50 Kohms or 0 to 500 Kohms.
  • Thermistor: 0-50 Kohm Range–100 microamps. 0-500 Kohm Range–10 microamps.


  • Proportional plus Integral.


  • Single turn potentiometers for the following: a. temperature set point. b. maximum current limit set point. c. loop gain. d. integral time constant.


  • 20 pin Molex Connector with mating half, or 20 pin in line connector for attachment to a customer supplied interface board or customized board from Alpha Omega Instruments.


  • Thermistor temperature sensor. Current limit from customer supplied optional sense resistor (50mv/amp). Optional external set-point.


  • Optically isolated Gate & Source Connections to the external MOSFET or IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor). External Relay Drive (N-Channel MOSFET-open drain) used with customer supplied relay when bipolar operation


The Series P-1 Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) Controller Board is a high performance, linear analog controller designed to be used with a wide variety of thermoelectric coolers. The controller features an optically coupled MOSFET analog driver together with proportional and integral (P/I) temperature control.

The Series P-1 Controller Board consists of a double-sided printed circuit board with several connector arrangements to accommodate different customer requirements. The Series P-1 comes equipped with mounting holes for easy installation and can be integrated into existing or newly-designed products. The P-1 is powered by a user-supplied DC power source. The analog output of the Series P-1 is 0-5 volts, corresponding to a temperature sensing thermistor range of 0-50 Kohms or 0-500 Kohms. The Series P-1 is provided with temperature set point, maximum current set point, loop gain, and integral time single turn adjustment potentiometers.

The Series P-1 can be configured for either unipolar (heat or cool) or bipolar (heat & cool) operation. The controller board is designed to have the MOSFET power transistor, optional current sense resistor, and relay (for bipolar operation) mounted off the board and supplied by the user. One of the major advantages of having the TEC power off the board is that high current levels can be applied to the TEC(s) while maintaining low power on the controller board. The application engineers at Alpha Omega Instruments will provide assistance in helping you select the proper externally-mounted components for your requirements.

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